Potential Roles for Long Non-Coding RNAs in the Regulation of Mating-Type Switching in Ogataea polymorpha

2020-04-20T23:33:09Z (GMT) by Juliana C. Olliff Sara J. Hanson
This poster contains information on long non-coding RNAs involved in Mating-Type Switching in Ogataea polymorpha. The poster introduces mating-type switching in budding yeast, then in O. polymorpha. Mating-Type Switching is induced by overexpressing the transcription factor STE12 under the control of a methanol inducible promoter. The workflow for bioinformatic analysis of differential expression is included and was informed by Pertea et al. 2016. Mating-type switching was induced (as indicated by a PCR analysis) and differential expression counts from the subsequent RNA-seq are included. Differential expression analysis from this total RNA-seq dataset was compared to analysis from mRNA analysis on two other STE12 overexpression datasets. Similar upregulation was seen between all datasets. Five (5) putative long non-coding RNAs were upregulated by STE12, listed in the table including information on their fold change and coding potential. All research was performed in Dr. Sara J. Hanson's Evolutionary Genetics Lab at Colorado College. Contact Sara J. Hanson for strain or experimental information.