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dentification of mRNA targets of ETR-1/CELF that regulate Q neuroblast migration in muscle cells using fluorescence-activated cell sorting and RNA-seq

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posted on 20.04.2020, 21:22 by Matthew Ochs, Rebecca McWhirter, David Miller, Erik A Lundquist
Presentation of poster 2277C for TAGC 2020 Online. File includes "2020_ochs_tagc_poster.pdf", which is a PDF of the poster.

A quick summary of the poster:

Migration of neuroblasts during development is an important process for function of the nervous system. The Q neuroblasts in C. elegans provide an excellent model to study the genetic mechanisms controlling migration. We show the RNA-binding molecule ETR-1/CELF is necessary for proper migration of the Q neuroblast descendants AQR and PQR, acting in the muscle cells. We identified potential targets do ETR-1 using fluorescent-activated cell sorting to sort muscle cells and then performed RNA-sequencing to identify alternatively spliced targets as well as transcripts that were deferentially expressed. Of those genes identified we screened for AQR and PQR migration defects. Our goal is to understand in more detail the mechanism in which ETR-1 acts to control AQR and PQR migration.


R21 NS100483 P20 GM103638


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