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Long non-coding RNA regulation of spermatogenesis via endo/lysosome activity and cytoskeletal elements in Drosophila

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posted on 20.04.2020, 23:40 by Mark Bouska, Hua Bai
The spectrin cytoskeleton has been shown to be critical in diverse processes such as axon development and degeneration, myoblast fusion, and spermatogenesis. Spectrin can be modulated in a tissue specific manner through junctional protein complexes, however, it has not been shown that lncRNAs interact with and regulate spectrin during varied processes. Here we provide evidence of a lncRNA that interacts with α and β Spectrin to regulate spermatogenesis and endosomal related activity in fat bodies of Drosophila. Protein-RNA and Protein-Protein biochemical analysis indicated the interaction between α and β Spectrin is modulated by the lncRNA CR45362. Immunocytochemistry revealed CR45362 is highly expressed in the basal testis while α and β Spectrin are clearly disrupted in this same region of CR45362 mutants. We genetically demonstrate α Spectrin and CR45362 deficiencies cause spermatid bundling defects with congruous reduction of cortical lipid droplet size and Lysotracker staining in the fat body. Our data suggests lncRNA regulation of spectrin could provide cells with a repertoire of modulatory molecules to manipulate cell type specific cytoskeletal and endosomal requirements.


R01 AG058741 to H.B.


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