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Known versus Predicted: RefSeq Functional Elements as a Reference Set of High-Confidence Non-Genic Elements in Mouse

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posted on 20.04.2020, 21:52 by Catherine M. Farrell, Terence D. Murphy, RefSeq Curation and Development Team

Presentation of poster 888C at TAGC 2020 Online, as in the uploaded PDF (FarrellCM_TAGC2020_Poster.pdf). This poster describes NCBI RefSeq Functional Elements, a dataset of human and mouse high-confidence non-genic elements that have been experimentally validated in the literature, including gene regulatory regions, structural elements and other well-characterized regions. Details on data structure, access and use are provided, as well as analyses of the mouse dataset showing the genomic locations of these elements relative to genes, and with comparisons to predicted gene regulatory regions from large-scale epigenomic datasets.

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