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Developing a high content, whole organism behavioral screening platform for plant based compounds

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posted on 20.04.2020, 21:35 authored by Emily FryerEmily Fryer, Sujay Guha, Lucero Rogel, Angela Xu, Theresa Logan-Garbisch, Sylvia Fechner, Iris Molhoff, Adam Nekimken, Ehsan Rezaei, Lauren A. O'Connell, Shaul Druckmann, Thomas R. Clandinin, Seung Y. Rhee, Miriam B. Goodman
Many high-throughput compound screens have focused on biochemical and cell-based assays, followed by phenotypic assays at the organismal level. However, these widely applied methods limit the identification of new targets. Since nervous system disease biology is complex, targeted biochemical and cell-based assays may not be effective. To address these issues we initiated the Neuroplant Project which engages experts in neuroscience, plant biology, chemistry, and engineering. Our goal is to leverage medicinal plants and animal behavior to identify new chemical and molecular entry points for the treatment of neurological and psychiatric diseases.


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