An RNAi screen to identify factors that enhance microRNA activity after dauer in C. elegans

2020-04-20T22:09:32Z (GMT) by Himal Roka Pun Xantha Karp
Presentation of poster 765C at TAGC 2020 Online. Files include a PDF of the poster (HimalRoka_TAGC_2020_Poster.pdf), and a 10-minute video walkthrough of the poster material as ppt. (HimalROka_TAGC_2020_Audio/Video.pptx). But to lister to it needs to be opened and the go slide show >play from bigining. Also, just incase ppt vidio walk through does not play I have attached a audio of it (HimalRoka_TAGC2020_Audio.m4a) Please use ppt file for walkthrough (open the ppt. > slide show> play from begin